The Essential Arizona Voter Guide

Who is running for office in your community?

Arizona Voter Guide
The Arizona Voter Guide

State & County

There are 15 counties in the U.S. state of Arizona. Four counties (Mohave, Pima, Yavapai, and Yuma) were created in 1864 following the organization of the Arizona Territory in 1862.

Statewide and Regional Elections

Arizona Voter Guide

Arizona Legislative Districts

The Arizona State Legislature consists of 30 districts, each of which elects one senator and two representatives. Each legislator, both Representatives and Senators, serve two-year terms.

House of Representatives and State Senate Elections

Arizona Republican Voter Guide
Arizona Republican

Local Races

Our local public servants have a major impact on our day to day lives. They leverage our property tax dollars to make big budgetary decisions that influence our communities, from education reforms to welfare and more. They impact our streets, roads, parks, schools, and hiring of our teachers as well as first responders.

City Council, School Boards, and other Local Community Elections